Many features are checked in selection period of a reed for Ney production. The most important of these are the fact that the reed must be at least 3-4 years old, the catching of at least 5-6 knots above the root, the proportions in the intervals of the joints, the smooth and bright of the walls and not being too curved . Today Neys are produced with reeds of 1-2 years old and 100-150 cm in length. However, these are so close to the root and wall tickness is too thick and the sound is very closed and the intonation problems are occurred between the sounds. Rough indications are given in the sources about the lengths of the Ney. The differences in lenghts belong to the diameter, thickness of the stem, and the region. However, there is an important issue to be taken into consideration. For example, if we think about a “Kız Ney” is about 70 cm lenght; it is not enough to be a “Kız Ney” if only the 8 nodes and 9 pieces to be fit into 70 cm lenght. The volume should be very short and very long, the percussions must be in the middle of the nodule and the front beads should be too long. close or not in proportion to the distance should not be in the upper diameter and lower diameter proportions. Each year at the end of January we drive approximately 2500 km way to Hatay Samandağ, Turkey as the right place to cut off the reeds with the permission of God.

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