Ney is manufactured from pike reed; It consists of 7 curtains, 8 knuckles and 9 pieces and is a very old Turkish wind musical instrument with three octave sound range. Ney is a main instruments of the Classical Turkish music and Classical Turkish Sufi music also used in many countries in the World. Due to tuning of Ney is made while manufacturing so the properties of the nerves such as lip, chin, head, neck, arm, finger of Neyzen is  important in producing of Ney. Ney is one of the rare musical instruments which is made specially for the person. A person refers to Neyzen, Ney players, whose head, sitting and  Ney holding positions are fixed. It means there is a different treatment for each reed and Neyzen. Therefore it is an enigma that there is more suffering for a craftsman who opens Ney compare with Neyzen blowing Ney.


Ney is found its real character with Hz. Mevlana in our Classical Turkish Sufi Music. As known Hz. Mevlana’s Mesnevi Sheriff starts with “Listen to from the Ney”. In some sources it starts with “Biş nev ez Ney” the correct one is “Listen to from the Ney”. It is pointed to “İnsan-ı Kamil” means a person who has reached to perfection degree as a perfect human being referring to our Prophet Hz. Muhammed. There is a discussion between Islamic Sufi People about appreance of Ney how it looks like therefore there is a different importance and consequence of Ney compare with other musical instruments. In his Mesnevi Hz. Mevlana said “ Ney’s sound is not just a sound but it is a fever”. To make a sound from Ney breath is given into the Ney with Hz. Allah’s “HU” title. The effect of Ney’s sound comes from the title “HU” and influences everbody Muslim or Non-Muslim. During the blowing period of Ney Hz. Allah’s names are mentioned so Ney players must be careful in selecting musical piece of works. It is not a big deal to make a technical sound from Ney because when you start to mingle with Ney then some sounds come from Ney. The question is for human to get its own sound inside from Ney. Therefore each sound of each Ney is different than other coming from each Neyzen. In fact, human can’t blow rather than its own property. Hz. Mevlana said again “ What is in the cube that is leaked out as the same”. The Ney is bright yellow on reedy field then it turns into pale and gets fade once we cut it off  from its reed bed. The scream of Ney to place where it was born as its old country. This is the reason why the scream affects people deeply.There are 7 frets (holes) on Ney they point to the seven organs on human head. Hz. Mevlana mentioned that the hole located at back side of Ney which is rarely used while blowing Ney refers to mouth in human body which means he should use his mouth very rarely and talk a little.

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